Get more from your heater


  • Store energy & heat when the stove is not running.

  • Circulate air around the room.

  • improve air quality.

  • Balance humidity, even during the summer!

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Wood Stove Add-on
Integral Stove
Chimney Stove Add-on

Store excessive heat generated by your stove, and use it later when needed.


Humidify dry air when the stove is running, and dehumidify when it’s off.

Humidity Power®

Stores X30 more energy per mass, compared to mass stoves.

Key Features
  • Heat your home when the stove is not running.

  • Balance humidity, also during the summer!

  • X30 more energy storage than a mass stove.

  • Smart home enabled.

  • No electricity consumption during winter, and low electricity consumption during the summer.

  • Sustainable design and natural materials.

Our current achievements:

  • Product concept and development.

  • Examined the use of various materials.

  • Basic prototype for proof of concept, running steadily, having high performance and reliability


Our goals:

  • Looking for manufacturers of electric stoves and wood ovens, who want to give their customers the forefront of efficient storage technology and air quality management

  • Improving control systems and learning algorithms.

  • Adding air handling units and summer operating capacity to the product.

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