humidity and temperature stabilising wall panels


  • Indoor acoustic panels reimagined: with integrated temperature & humidity stabilisation, and a fresh air unit.

  • Utilise the space that traditional acoustic panels occupy.

  • Improve indoor air quality.


Keeps the temperature in the comfort zone

Fresh Air

Bring in fitered and monitored fresh air.


Keeps the humidity levels in the comfort zone


Upgraded acoustic tiles with a unique sustainable technology, that saves money on heating and cooling expenses by reducing power consumption. The tiles optimise temperature by balancing peaks and autonomously absorbing excess humidity and releasing it when needed.

Key Features
  • Humidity stabilising

  • Temperature stabilising

  • Air filtering

  • Self management

  • Low maintenance

  • Air quality compatible sensing features (CO2, VOC, P-10)

  • Sustainable design and natural materials

  • Low electricity consumption

  • Smart home enabled

Our current achievements:

  • Basic prototype for proof of concept, running steadily with high performance and reliability.

  • Room installation at beta stage, proofing humidity stabilizing even in active and passive forms.

  • Testing wide range materials for flexible and unique product design.​​


Our goals:

  • Looking for acoustic panel manufacturers that are interested in giving their customers cutting edge technology, regarding air quality, operation costs, and user comfort.

  • Filed test of our beta collecting and more data for improving the system control algorithm.

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